Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi friends! and friends means only you two. You know i am referring to you. I do not need to especially name you. Its a fact: Friends means only you two.

Over some period of time, i was thinking of some place for us to be in contact. Telephonic conversations will be there always, but as always we must have some written cotact. Letters, emails, blogs...

All of us have three seperate blogs. But we do not have a common one. It would be a very nice idea to share one blog by three of us.

This blog is named ghalibana. I do not know the exact meaning, but i can feel the meaning. I know you can feel it too. Master's blog also is a nice place. The only thing you need to do is invite kailash and me as the members of that blog. I always wanted to have friends somewhere in blog's name. But, that's another option. Let us at first start. As you know, i cannot access to gmail very frequently. Ghalibana would be a nice option for all of us to be at one place.

I have sent invitations to both of you as users of this blog. Just sign in blogger and you will get them. You just have to accept it. After that, you can post your posts with your own account and your own password with your own name. Master has already accepted it.

There are certain rules in my mind: Do post at least something whenever you get a chance to do so. Because, i want to read both of you. I know, you both are very lonely there. Master is more. Not even having a cellphone facility for most of the time is really being very lonely. Far away from our people. Far away from so many things. Kailash at least have some access to this world. Anoter rule is 'Use copy paste as sparingly as possible.' I want our own writings and not the copy-pastes. We can certainly copy and paste when we are talking over that thing, let's say gazal. But no only copy pastes. One more thing: Please use English whenever possible, as i do not have unicode on my windows 98.

Kailash has been reading "Glimpses of world history" nowadays. He has promised me that he would call me daily to tell what has he read. This would be a better option for him to right your readings on this blog.

I miss you both a lot. You know it. Arnav also misses you. He wants to meet my friends. I would not be able to right so much about arnav on this blog, because its an open space and people are not yet so kind to accept everything as it is.

I have got an MPSC application today. I wish i can try a little bit seriously this time. May Arnav would encourage me.

Let's hope for an early meeting. ~~Ganesh.

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