Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Onam days are going on now!

I am very much disappointed with your response to Ghalibana. I thought that you would be most interested in sharing things with me, but it doesn't seem so. I know you are very much busy in your daily chores, but if you have a will you can certainly find out a little bit of your time for me.

Days are not so good for me too. I don't now why, but I am not feeling well. I am not being able to keep my mind fresh and my mood okay. I cannot smile even if I try to do so. Everything is going well, but nothing pleases me. I get some relief with Arnav. Looking at him when he smiles with himself gives some relief, but the life is so demanding that I cannot afford sitting besides him all the day. I have almost stopped studying for the last few days. I know I need to start it as early as possible. I am preparing to start studies with a good spirit, but things are not going well.

These are all excuses. Excuses cannot lead you to good future. We need to stop giving excuses every here and there. I know everything and I know naught.

Mom and papa are here and these are the days of Onam. Myth behind Oman must be known to you: The beloved king of the masses, BaLi, who was sent to 'pataal' by Vishnu, gets only a single chance to meet his people in a year. People, who live in penury all over the year, do not want their king to see them in such condition and celebrate the days of Oman, so that the king BaLi may feel that his ryot is well-to-do and has no worries at all. They all dress well and celebrate the day of Onam for their beloved king BaLi forgetting all their lifetime worries for a single day. But, the celebrations cannot be continued all over the year. BaLi needs to go. Celebrations stop. Onam ends. Life starts again with same, and some new, worries.

Onam days are going on now!

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