Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Vinod

Vinod Suradkar, or simply master. I still remember the day when I first met him. Before meeting him, I could not ever imagine that that day was going to introduce me with a to-be lifelong friend. It was almost a love at first sight. In fact, I tried to avoid him before first acquaintance, but when we met each other and had a little chat, I found that our likes, dislikes, thoughts, beliefs, and even lives were so similar that within no time we became good friends.

So well learned and yet so simple in nature and in his looks that no one, or sometimes even I, cannot believe that this simple-looking man can have such a good fund of knowledge. But the thing for which I appreciate him the most is his love towards literature and his ability to appreciate it critically.

Sometimes, I just think that why these boys love me so much? What did I give them? Am I really worthy for their love? But all these questions remain behind when we get an opportunity to meet together. We have a lot of fun talking all over the nights discussing on every subject under and above the sky, but very rarely we can get such opportunities.

Vinod is having his birthday this week. I am not even sure if it is 4th or 5th of September. I always found it a formality to wish each other when we lived together. But now when he lives far away from us, I find it my honour to wish my best friend from the bottom of my heart: Happy Birth Day Vinod.

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