Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday 'SIR'

Today, I am not calling you 'Master', because I really want to call you 'Sir' from the bottom of my heart. You taught me many things that helped me to live life successfully. You gave me the view how to look towards life positively; you told me that a girl also could be in love with me; I also can live normal life as others; I also can have the feelings of love.

I was nothing before meeting you; and you also know this well, but now I feel I am little worthy to live in this world. My life was totally different before meeting you both, aimless, directionless, and I was wandering in darkness. You created interest in me for literature, arts, history and so many branches of knowledge. You told how to look at a particular thing and what to think about it.

Sometimes, when you both discuss on a particular topic, I find I can not understand what is going on, but after discussion, one of you explains it to me in details, then only I can understand. I know my grasping power is not so well, but even you tell me explaining everything well; this is the most valuable thing for me. I want to learn many more things from you, so please adjust me, a friend who wants to live always with you, who wants to listen you always.

I will be always younger before you both in every aspect of life. So, please don't leave me, I want to be always with you till the last beat of my heart.

So please let me call you 'Sir'. I want to express my sincere gratitude on this occasion of your birthday.

Once again Happy Birthday Sir!

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