Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ekla chalo re…

Ekla chalo re... Picture by Bilal Mirza/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons CC-BY 
Sometimes He leaves you all alone.  You never know His plans.  May be He does all this to test us, just to check whether we are fit for His tests or not.  For whatever reasons, but sometimes He lives you all alone, and you just feel helpless without His glimpse, with lot of questions in your mind, with some unknown fear in your heart, all alone in this infinite world… and He whispers in your soul: Jodi tor daak shune keu naa aashe, tobe … If they answer not to your call, walk alone, walk alone, walk alone…
May be I have been talking a lot about Tagore lately, but he never leaves me alone.  I was alone, like in a trance, when I started writing this, sitting in front of a blank screen.  I took three days to write this little post.  I had a lot to write and I had no one to share.  And He whispered in my soul:  Jodi tor daak shune keu naa aashe, tobe ekla chalo re… and these words and this tune became the tune of my heart…


  1. what a wonderful poem...many of us feel in exile in the kind of reminded me of one by daniel berrigan

    Some stood up once, and sat down.
    Some walked a mile, and walked away.

    Some stood up twice, then sat down.
    “It’s too much,” they cried.
    Some walked two miles, then walked away.
    “I’ve had it,” they cried,

    Some stood and stood and stood.
    They were taken for fools,
    they were taken for being taken in.

    Some walked and walked and walked –
    they walked the earth,
    they walked the waters,
    they walked the air.

    “Why do you stand?” they were asked, and
    “Why do you walk?”

    “Because of the children,” they said, and
    “Because of the heart, and
    “Because of the bread,”

    “Because the cause is
    the heart’s beat, and
    the children born, and
    the risen bread.”

  2. @gimme fiftycent Hey, thanks for sharing. Really a nice one, must find some more by David Berrigan! Thanks Again!


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